Sandberg Funeral Home, North St. Paul, MN 55109

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Sandberg Funeral Home, North St. Paul, MN 55109


Lillie News
(North St. Paul)
(651) 748-7860

Local Florists:

White Bear Floral (651) 484-3391

Specialty Floral (651) 779-8885

Gift Baskets:

Gift basket Delight (763) 862-0827

DVD Memorial Videos:

Memory Vision (612) 722-0588

Urns and Keepsakes:

Perfect memorials (800) 979-8767

Foreverence 3D Printed Urns

Honor Guards:

Fort Snelling National Cemetery
Memorial Rifle Squad


Our Advance Planning Program is a simple, safe and secure means of funding your arrangements. Plans can be tailored to suit individual needs. Payment plans are available as well. Your existing insurance plans can be used to fund your funeral, however, your family will pay prices that are in effect at the time of your funeral.