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Sandberg Funeral Home, North St. Paul, MN 55109

Grief Groups- Please call and verify information about times and dates.


Widow’s Hope (grief support for men, women and children)

Compassionate Friends- for parents who have experienced the death of a child no matter the age of the child.
             Contact: Beaver Lake Lutheran Church- 651-739-8092
                         Meetings are held at:
                                     Beaver Lake Church
                                     2280 Stillwater Avenue
                                     Maplewood, MN 55119

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Group- Usually meets twice a month.
             Contact: Joanne O’Leary  651-326-3733
                         Meetings are held at:
                                     St. John’s Hospital
                                     1575 Beam Avenue
                                     Maplewood, MN  55109

             Contact: Annette Kline  651-241-6206
                         Meetings are held at:
                                     St. Paul’s Children’s Hospital
                                       345 North Smith
                                     St. Paul, MN  55102   

             Contact: Kathleen Fernbach- 612-813-6285
                         Meetings are held at:
                                     Children’s Hospital & Clinics- Minneapolis Campus
                                     2525 Chicago Avenue South
                                     Minneapolis, MN 55404 

Weathering Life’s Losses- for adults who have experienced a loss.
             Contact: Paul Swenson 651-430-4586
                                              Rita Johnson- 651-430-4686
                                                       Sponsored by Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater
                         Meetings are held at:
                                     Boutwells Landing,
                                     5600 Norwich Parkway,
                                     Oak Park Heights, MN  55082

Growth Through Grieving- for adults who have experienced a loss.
             Contact: Chaplain Ted Hein  651-232-7397
                         Meetings are held at:
                                     Maplewood Professional Building- (located next to St. John’s Hospital)
                                     1655 Beam Avenue
                                      Maplewood, MN  55109

Growing Through Life’s Losses- For Children 5-17 and their parents who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
             Contact: Chaplain Paul Swenson 651-430-4586
                                               Randy Bassitt- 651-430-4686
                                                        Sponsored by Lakeview Hospital- Stillwater
                         Meetings are held at:
                                     Boutwells Landing
                                     5600 Norwich Parkway
                                     Oak Park Heights, MN  55082                  

             Contact: Susan Bohnsack  651-232-3665
                                                Barb Wahrenbrock 651-232-3543
                         Meetings are held at various HealthEast sites.

Therapy Groups-     Center for Grief, Loss and Transitions
                                     1133 Grand Avenue
                                      St. Paul, MN  55105

Post Loss Group- A social organization for men and women of all ages who have been widowed, and are at least 3 months past the death experience.
             Contact: Barb Walker 651-770-5346
                             Ed Koran 651-774-7031
                             Nels Neslon 651-779-7866
                                 Meetings are held at:
                                     North Presbyterian Church
                                     Hwy 36 and Charles (2675 Highway 36)
                                     North St. Paul, MN  55109        

Survivor Resources – offering crisis response, grief support and other services for families of victims of death due to homicide, suicide, accidental overdose, and violent death.

                                 Contact St. Paul Office 651-266-5674 or Minneapolis office 612-673-3951

                                 Meetings held in East and West Metro.