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Personalized service options allow you to honor your loved ones in a way that is both meaningful and healing. We hope to provide support and caring while delivering memorial services that celebrate life and help families find the peace they deserve.
If you’re seeking an honorable celebration of life, we invite you to learn more about where we came from, our vision, and the dedicated people behind our work.

A History of Caring

ABOUT US as published in the Lillie News on March 26, 2007

George Stahlmann, the original owner of the building that now houses the esteemed Sandberg Funeral Home in North St. Paul, was tragically struck and killed by a train in the late 1930’s when he was driving across some tracks. His wife and sisters also perished in the accident.

But as horrible as the incident was to the northeast communities that the family served, it was the reason Gustaf Sandberg moved his family to North St. Paul to take over the business. Now, 68 years later, the Sandberg Funeral Home is regarded as a trusted source of comfort, solace, and peace of mind to local families who lay to rest their loved ones.

According to Mary Kaye Sandberg, Gustaf’s granddaughter and current director of the mortuary, “we’d like to think it’s the level of service that has made us ‘the neighborhood funeral home’ for North St. Paul and its surrounding communities.” Everyone at Sandberg Funeral Home is proud to be a part of a town where people are so caring, Mary Kaye says.

“One nice thing about a small community, if people love you, they tell you, and if they don’t love you, they tell you,” she smiles. “So it’s heartwarming to have so many folks come in and tell you on their way out how much they appreciate it and love how you’ve helped them. It is truly an honor for all of us to serve the families we do.”

Sandberg invites you to stop by and see the improvements they’ve made. This year, there’s many more changes at the funeral home in order to meet the needs of families, thanks to recent renovations Sandberg Funeral Home has undergone. The largest change is evident as soon as you enter the building. Rather than the two separate 30 by 55 foot chapels the community has come to know, there is now one large 30 by 110 foot chapel since a dividing wall has been knocked out and replaced by a soundproof privacy divider instead.

“We open it up when we have large funerals,” Mary Kaye explains, noting that there are more and more families opting to have services at a mortuary these days. “But for visitations or for smaller affairs, we can use the divider and give people a more intimate space.”

In addition to the new set-up, the chapel boasts a brand new crystal cut door as well as a beautiful stained-glass window, which, as Sandberg notes, “everyone loves.”

Of course, the improvements haven’t affected the same personalized service that Sandberg Funeral Home has always offered. It’s part of the benefit, Mary Kaye says, of being family-owned and operated because “we’re a part of the community and we genuinely care about the people. It also enables us to keep our costs much lower.”

“Our mission is to go above and beyond, do whatever we can for families during their loss,” she says. “Our big thing, the thing that we feels sets us apart from other mortuaries, is service.”

Maybe that is how the Sandberg family has managed to become the trusted neighbor for burials and mortuary service ever since their beginning in North St. Paul. Whether it’s picking up a proud tradition from a beloved family of morticians 65 years ago, or providing the very best in care to the countless families that have entered their doors since then, Sandberg Funeral Home has always been able to shed a gentle ray of light on a tragedy.

And, along with their continued tradition of devotion and dedication, Sandberg Funeral Home’s recent improvements (particularly the new stained glass window) will help that ray of light shine through for many years to come.

Our Staff’s Dedication to Respectful Care

A funeral, or memorial service, should provide family members and loved ones with the chance to reflect, remember, and celebrate a life well-lived. Our goal is to create exceptional services and experiences that fulfill the wishes of your loved one. Our experienced Funeral Directors provide guidance on the crucial first steps toward healing.

Alicia Moran-Lopez
Funeral Director Assistant

Alicia, a North St. Paul native and graduate of North High School, currently resides in North St. Paul with her husband, son and grandsons. She is Mexican/Latina and speaks Spanish fluently. She came to Sandberg Funeral Home in 1990. Outside of work, she enjoys jazz dancing, Mexican folklore dancing, theatre, fishing, movies, motorcycle rides, traveling when able, bowling, working out at the gym, warm sun filled days and bonfire nights with her family and friends.

Cheryl Klesel
Funeral Director Assistant

Cheryl was born and raised in Minnesota. Cheryl grew up in North St. Paul and graduated from North High School in 1984. She has two children and eight grandchildren. Cheryl's interests include riding her motorcycles, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Cheryl found her calling when she was given the opportunity to work at Sandberg Funeral Home. "I love working with all of our families knowing that I helped them through a very difficult time in their life."